• Salary Pack

    The Salary Pack is your affordable solution to
    managing your monthly salary.

  • Take The First Step and Start
    Saving For Them With Just 10K

    Saving for children below 18 with a Tots 2 Teenz Savings
    Account is as easy as 123

    • Opening balance USD 1,000
    • Minimum balance USD 1,000
    • Minimum balance to qualify for life assurance USD 50,000
  • SME Financing

    Quick financial solutions
    for your business growth

    • Business Finance Loan
    • Asset Finance Loan
    • Unsecured Bid Gurantee
    • Unsecured Invoice Discounting
  • Want To Save In A
    Foreign Currency?

    A Forexave Savings account allows you to avoid forex risks.

    • Opening balance: USD 150, Euro 100, GBP 100
    • No ledger fees
    • One withdrawal per month